Key on-going collaboration

Czech Television, New Media Dramaturgy Center

    • Research on which elements of educational games help children learn
    • Development of multimedia learning materials for teaching primary school children how computers function

Charles Games

    • Research of intrapersonal learning outcomes
    • Serious games development

Labels laboratory, Institute of Psychology, Czech Academy of Sciences:

    • General multimedia learning research
    • Eye-tracking in multimedia learning research

Gamedev @ Charles Uni

    • Teaching computer games development

TechSophia, producer of digital tools for education

    • Serious games research

Sidney K. D’Mello, University of Colorado Boulder

    • Multimedia learning and emotional design

Manuel Ninaus, Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien

    • Primary computing education and game-based learning

Holger Pötzsch, University of Tromsø

    • Serious games research