Team projects at Department of Software and Computer Science Education (KSVI)

The documents on this page contain KSVI specific information about the team projects. It concerns the following courses in computer science master programs:

General information

Project opportunities

KSVI Research project opportunities

This table contains the list of research project areas, typically a grants we are running at KSVI but not only, it may consists, e.g., simply of areas of interest to KSVI members where they can generate a project for you.
Still available? Unique name or acronym of the project / grant / topic Short annotation / Project target Date Contact person Contact email
Whether you can sign up for this project still. [Available / N/A] Simply name of the project, use it in the communication. What the project is about, what your role could be in here. Briefly. Connect with contact person to get more details. When the given line has been entered, for tracking purposes. If you are interested in some project in general, here you have a contact person to ask about the status of the project, its availability or requesting more details about it.
Available GAMEHIGHED Create unique gamedev-edu materials as a contribution into the ongoing Erasmus+ GAMEHIGHED project. 30.11.2021 Jakub Gemrot
Available GAME DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH GROUP Participate on a game development related research 5.1.2022 Jakub Gemrot

KSVI Company project contact list

This table contains the list of companies KSVI is in connection with.
Still available? Company name + website Short company annotation Date Deadline (if any) University contact person Contact email
Whether you can ask for an intenship here [Available / N/A] Name of the company; ideally a hyperlink to its website. What kind of internships this company is offering in general When the given line has been entered, for tracking purposes. Whom you should ask about internships for the given company.
N/A Charles Games General game technology development 30.11.2021 1.1.2022 Lukáš Kolek lukaskolek-at-live-dot-com
Available Geewa Modelling of player progression in mobile games, maybe other 1.2.2022 Vojta Černý cerny-at-gamedev-dot-cuni-dot-cz
N/A Wargaming Game-related data mining (takes 6 months, but is part-time) 8.2.2022 28.2.2022 Vojta Černý cerny-at-gamedev-dot-cuni-dot-cz
N/A Hangar13 General game technology development Vojta Černý cerny-at-gamedev-dot-cuni-dot-cz
Available Bohemia Interactive Simulations Work in teams on more simulation-based game, used for army training! 18.2.2022 Vojta Černý cerny-at-gamedev-dot-cuni-dot-cz
N/A Bohemia Interactive Studios Ask again 1.4. Vojta Černý cerny-at-gamedev-dot-cuni-dot-cz
Available Warhorse Studios Work on internal tooling for the remainder of the company 14.3.2022 Vojta Černý cerny-at-gamedev-dot-cuni-dot-cz
Available Geewa Writing documentation and providing feedback on code 1.4.2022 Vojta Černý cerny-at-gamedev-dot-cuni-dot-cz
Available 2k Czech Technical Artists or programmers (C++ programming engine/platforms/optimization). They prefer 5 month full-time internships, but should be able to settle for 3 months full time. 1.5.2022 Vojta Černý cerny-at-gamedev-dot-cuni-dot-cz
Available Wargaming Progamming / tech art / UI development1.5.2022 12.6.2022 Vojta Černý cerny-at-gamedev-dot-cuni-dot-cz

Last updated: 31th May 2022