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This header is a declaration of global functions. Various sorts of useful functions are defined. See section functions.


Name Description


returns a random float number from the inteval <0,max)
Name Description
long double AntFloatRandom(long double max) type_description
uint AntRandom(uint max) returns a random integer number from the interval <0,max-1>
void AntRandomize() initialise a random number generator
BOOL Happened(TProb Chance) returns TRUE with probability specified by the Chance parameter
long FileSize(const char *FileName) returns the size (in bytes) of the file specified by Filename if the file does not exist 0is returned
BOOL FileExist(const char *FileName) returns TRUE if the file exists
Conversion routines these functions should be used everywhere any conversion between types is used. Especially when a project specific types are used.
type2 type12type2 (type1 src) converts a type1 to type2
BOOL TProb2BOOL(TProb src) behaves like the Happened function
char *type2string(type src,char *buf) Converts a src value of type type to his text form. The result is placed into the buf. Be sure that there is enough allocated space for the string value.




Do not hesitate to add any function to simplify the process of compatibility building of classes, modules or platforms.
Use these utilities, whenever it is reasonable.

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