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This is the proposed Reference Manual contents. Please try to make it look more like it when inserting new material. (docmaster)

Proposed look of the page: (If you have anything against it, refer to me, please) When opened, only main index (below) will be visible. Only after clicking on the topic, the left-sided frame index will appear. (docmaster)

Reference Manual

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Class Reference

Chapter 3 Header Files

Chapter 4 Macros

Similar to above, but macros index. (docmaster)

Chapter 5 Types

Similar to above, but types index. (docmaster)

Chapter 6 Class Hierarchy

The class hierarchy chart. (docmaster)

Chapter 7 Index (???)

Index of all keywords used in the Reference Manual. We are not decided to use it yet. (docmaster)

Reference ManualProject Antares