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This header provides the classes to work with a bunch of parametric files as if it was a single object. To know the correct syntax of the parametric file see Specials.When the object TParamFile is created the following model is build up and it is maintained during the whole existence of the object.

Params syntax


Name Description
BASEGROUPSIZE the number of params then can be placed in the group without a need of reallocation; used as a default value in the constructor of
GROUPGROWSIZE the number of TAParams that can be placed into the TGroup after a reallocation till new reallocation will be needed
PARAMSBUFSIZE size of the buffer for reading the parameter values (maximal line length}


Name Description
TChange enum type of kind of param; tells when the parameter can be changed
TFlag enum flag for the file to be or not to be updated after all the work
TKeyWords enum for reading different data from a file
TMultiType union type that contains the data of the TAParam
TTypes enum type of the types of the TAParam




This is the the correct syntax of a parametric file.

;Hello this is a demo parametric file   parametric file's comment
#include "file2.ini";                   directive
;This is the second line of comments    parametric file's comment

[First group]                           group definition
Param1_Type=Integer                     Param1 parameter definition type of the data
Param1_Caption=Parametr 1               Caption of the parameter
Param1_Value=12                         data value
                                        It was the parameter number one.
                                        Param1 parameter's comments
[Group hahaha]                          group definition
ParamNum2_Caption=Parametr 2            ParamNum2
Param3_Type=String                      Param3
Param3_Value=12.2 (stringove)

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