2.2 Modules, Object Groups

This paragraph should "map" key objects to the modules used in Antares system. For each group and for each key object there is a short specification of purpose. For details see Reference Manual or see specifications later in this book.

Module pvm
Specification : network services (e.g.communication and process control)
Key objects : PVM_COVER (covers PVM features), PVM_CODEC (e.g.message buffering, inter-process connections).

Module pop
Specification : genes and populations
Key objects : TGen (gene), TPopulation (gene groups).

Module gencode
Specification : methods for gene coding
Key objects : TGenInfo, TGenCode (represents gene coding)

Module tgaclass
Specification : layers for basic genetic computation
Key objects : TGACover (basic genetic optimization methods), TGlobalGA (GA in parent), TLocalGA (the actual genetic algorithm in child)

Module func
Specification : gene and population operators
Key objects : TGATool (basic tool for modifying populations), TGAFunc, TGASelector, TGAUnom (see Overview).

Module tabset
Specification : utilities for designing of GA body
Key objects : TAncTabSet

Module params
Specification : management of parameters and parameter files
Key objects : TParamFile (object including parameter specifications) , TAParam

Module fitness
Specification : measures fitness of gene using expressions and neural net
Key objects : TFitness (object for gene fitness evaluation)

Module neunet
Specification : implementation of neural net used for gene fitness calculation
Key objects : TNeuron (neuron), TNeuNet (representation of neural net)

Module control
Specification : layers for control of computation and kernel infos
Key objects : TCollector (data interface), TParentWarden (global termination conditions in parent), TChildWarden (local termination condition in child), TKernelInfo (represents local kernel info), TGlobalKI (kernel info in parent and applications)

Module diffusion
Specification : extension of the basic genetic algorithm
Key objects : TDiffusionGGA (global diffusion GA), TDiffusionLGA (local diffusion GA)

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