usecase: Save parameters to file

public usecase: Save parameters to file
Author: Petra Vanícková
Project: Phase: 1.0; Status: Proposed; Version: 1.0; Complexity: 1
Dates: Created: 5.12.2005 20:19:51; Modified: 8.12.2005 22:54:31;
Flags: Active: false; IsRoot: false; IsLeaf: false;
Extension Points:
UUID: {6F5BE7E9-4F53-46e2-879C-9E3B48D0AD84}
Menu item, Icon in toolbar

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Appears in: UC Administration of algorithm parameters

Save parameters to file Scenarios
Scenario Type Detail
Basic Basic Path Saves current parameters values to MBA.xml file for later usage.Method SaveConfiguration() writes data to disk.