usecase: Save as picture

public usecase: Save as picture
Project: Phase: 1.0; Status: Proposed; Version: 1.0; Complexity: 1
Dates: Created: 10.12.2005 5:23:27; Modified: 14.12.2005 8:49:28;
Flags: Active: false; IsRoot: false; IsLeaf: false;
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UUID: {C15F906E-3662-43b6-82D8-DE29DAEE0A0E}

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See also: User, SmartView

Appears in: UC Visualization

Save as picture Scenarios
Scenario Type Detail
Base Basic Path Save what user see to picture file. It shows saving dialog, where user can choose one of several file format (BMP, JPG, PNG ...).

Save to file is provided by SmartView class (using function SaveBitmapToFile(string filename, ImageFormat fileFormat) ).