event: Weight Change event

public event Weight Change event
Project: Phase: 1.0; Status: Proposed;
Dates: Created: 12.12.2005 12:48:15; Modified: 14.12.2005 8:50:05;
Flags: Multiplicity: ; Active: false;
UUID: {22F863A0-A161-41f3-975F-286F197E00F1}

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Appears in: AD SOM Algorithm

Weight Change event Scenarios
Scenario Type Detail
Base Basic Path Generate event, that other function can catch.
For generating event is used delegate
public delegate void WeightChangeHandler(
object KohonenNetwork,
KohonenNetworkArgs eventArgs);
And KohonenNetworkArgs contains some usefull parameters as
iterations - is count of iteration that algorithm must do
to_do_iterations - is count iterations, that remain

If someone want handle this event, must be registered to this event:
KohonenNetworks.OnWeightChange += new WeightChangeHandler(Someone.OnWeightEventHandler);