activity: Read vector from table

public activity Read vector from table
Project: Phase: 1.0; Status: Proposed;
Dates: Created: 11.12.2005 20:10:58; Modified: 14.12.2005 8:09:30;
Flags: Multiplicity: ; Active: false;
UUID: {DDB5D0B9-1C5D-4860-85C9-31E59D619D6D}

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Appears in: AD SOM Algorithm

Custom Properties
  • mustIsolate: False
  • isReadOnly: False
  • isSingleExecution: False
Read vector from table Scenarios
Scenario Type Detail
Base Basic Path Read row from table and than filter it using ColumnFilter class (in KohonenNetworks class as properties UsedCollumns), where is saved which columns are selected for training.
Non selected columns has value 0,
Selected columns has value 1
Descriptive columns (also known as Row Name column) has value 2