usecase: Get DataSrc object

public usecase: Get DataSrc object
Project: Phase: 1.0; Status: Proposed; Version: 1.0; Complexity: 1
Dates: Created: 6.12.2005 15:47:51; Modified: 11.12.2005 3:39:22;
Flags: Active: false; IsRoot: false; IsLeaf: false;
Extension Points:
UUID: {4569B57F-FF8C-40d4-9237-4D48D875324B}

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See also: View data in DataGrid, Program

Appears in: UC Version and using data

Get DataSrc object Scenarios
Scenario Type Detail
Create DataSrc Basic Path 1. Create this object from existing version
- Version.GetTableInstance
2. Create "temporary" object for own use
- new DataSrc(ColumnsInfo)
DataSrc object failed Alternate If object == null or object.IsOK is false then to not use this object.
If object != null, than call Dispose() is necessary.
Using Basic Path Use any of public methods and properties.
Dispose Basic Path At the end of work is neccessary to call Dispose method.