usecase: Database connections

public usecase: Database connections
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Dates: Created: 6.12.2005 17:13:26; Modified: 7.12.2005 1:55:28;
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Appears in: Database administration

Database connections Scenarios
Scenario Type Detail
About Basic Path All database connections are saved in XML file. From this file are imported into DatabaseInfos/DatabaseInfo objects. DatabaseInfos is a container for DatabaseInfo objects.
Change database connection for application Basic Path Change database connection for application is possible. Because database connections may by used in other objects, application should be restarte after change connection informations.

1. Create new DatabaseInfos object using DatabaseInfos(DatabaseInfos) constructor -> file name in new object is the same as original object.
2. Remove all connections DatabaseInfos.Clear()
3. Add/Remove connections using standar ArrayList function
4. Call Save method
5. restart application