class: BP_net_list

public class: BP_net_list
Author: Lukáš Civín
Project: Phase: 1.0; Status: Proposed; Version: 1.0; Complexity: 1
Dates: Created: 7.12.2005 22:45:10; Modified: 7.12.2005 22:45:10;
Flags: Active: false; IsRoot: false; IsLeaf: false;
Extension Points:
UUID: {305CBCEC-B767-46b7-B379-F7223D881FF5}
Classic list of BP_network pointers


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See also: BP_network, Form1

Appears in: Network core classes

BP_net_list Attributes
Attribute Details
public BP_network
Notes: a pointer to object of BP_network

public BP_net_list
Notes: Next item in the chain

BP_net_list Methods
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