This is the complete end-user's handbook to the project Antares. In the four chapters and appendicies you will be told everything you need to solve the problems our system is ready for

1.1 Book Overview

This book is divided into four chapters and one big part of appendices.

1.1.1 First Chapter - Introduction

You are currently reading the first chapter. As you have just read, it is an introduction to all other parts of the book. Here you can find brief information about each chapter and its contents.

1.1.2 Second Chapter - Installation

The second chapter will tell you what you must have and what to do to use our system. The requirements of the system are listed there. Also complete installation instructions can be found there.

1.1.3 Third Chapter - Using The System

The third chapter is a small tutorial. It describes how to use and master an existing problem specification. It should teach you how to run, control and monitor the system.

1.1.4 Fourth Chapter - Application Preparation

The fourth chapter should guide you through the process of creating a new problem specification and thus enable to solve. Step by step you will be fully introduced, how to get the maximum performance possible out of the system.

1.1.4 Appendices

The first three parts of the appendices are devoted to helper applications. The ways how to start and use them is described there. The fourth part is a complete list of all parameters you should specify to run the system to fulfil your wishes.


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