A.5 How Table Settings are Implemented in Parameter File

Every GA table definition is defined in one group of the parameter file .

A group called default has to exist. This is a definition of the default table contained in every child. Any other tables definition is placed in the group named as the GA table+'1', in the case of GA dual tables also '2'. For now we will call this group the table group.

What every table group must contain:


Parameter of temporary population count +2 for fixed population (Incoming = 0, Outgoing = 1).


Parameter of the tools count


Every GA tool is then indexed from one to count-1

The syntax for parameter value of the GA tool definition is :


groupname is the name of the table group
#index is the index number of the tool in the set
TypeNum is: GA unom=1, GA function=2, GA selector=3, GA table=4, GA dual table=5
TypeName is the kind of tool
ToolName optional, is the unique name of the tool
parameters differs by the type of the tool, they are delimited by commas:

For examples look into the *.ini files in the installation directory.

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