2.3 Process Architecture

Each kernel process in Antares system is a program which instances specific object(s) from the Antares object hierarchy, initializes it(them) and calls a method which starts the computation. Applications are usually more complex programs that besides instancing adequate object make other specific actions (e.g. drawing in the application window, communicating with the user). Object in the hierarchy can be divided into functional groups as shown below.

Figure 2.3.1 : Functional Object Groups (lower objects inherit the higher ones)

Figure 2.3.2 : Typical object hierarchy instanced in different processes (lower objects inherit the higher ones)

It is not vital for a program's functionality to instance the highest object (from inheritance point of view), e.g. if the programmer wants to implement completely new data and control interface, it is enough to instance or inherit just the PVM extension layers. The typical process architecture includes all features needed to implement a fully functional parallel genetic optimization system with minimum effort.

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