A.4 GA Operators Specification

This chapter enumerates and describes specific operators of GA tools . Following specifications :

At the end of this chapter a tool parameters description can be found

A.4.1 GA unoms

A.4.2 GA functions

A.4.3GA selectors

A.4.4 GA tables

A.4.5 GA dual tables

These tables contains two sets of tools. Basically they differ in the way of selection, which set will be executed.

A.4.6 Parameters

Some GA tools require parameters from the ParamFile (e.g. mutation probability in Mutation). Every GA tool can have a unique name. If it does have one, then the parameter with the name of the GA tool is searched first. If it is not found, then the simple parameter without any prefixes is looked for. If even this is not found the operator can not be executed.

All GA tables require their sets definitions. Beside sets definitions some other parameters can be required.

For a description of necessary steps for creating a new operator see chapter How To Create a New Operator .

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