9.6 Kernel Info Class

The kernel info (KI) is an object representing a piece of information provided by the kernel through the data interface. Every information that can be obtained through the kernel data interface (i.e. every information about the kernel computation and state) is implemented as a kernel info object. Every kind of information, that is supported by the kernel, is implemented as a special class, successor of the class TKernelInfo. Every such kind of information (i.e. every successor class) has its unique ID, registered in file kinames.h. This ID is necessary for every information request to the kernel data interface. These classes, in fact, encapsulate any piece of information provided by the kernel data interface. The functionality of the predecessor class TKernelInfo allows this piece of information to be collected in parent process and sent out of kernel. For more detailed information on KI requesting and collecting see section collector layer.

Two different types of information are distinguished in our system: global and local information. Local information can be any piece of information about a single process and its state. Global information is a set of local information pieces and provides information about the global state of the kernel and all its processes.

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