To make our documentation easy and fast to read we have used the following conventions.



According to the HLTM nature of the documentation we are using the links in the documents. Only important topics are linked and links never cross the borders of the books. With the exception of the Reference Manual, where we consider the links as important and we tried to link as much a possible.


We tried to keep the documentation maximally consistent and uniform-looking.
Important terms (such as new terms) are printed in italics.
Code fragments, declarations, header and all code-related quoted stuff is printed in monospace font.
Words with a speacial importance are printed in bold.


The numbers have no thousand delimiter. We use decimal point rather then collon. Where appropritiate we use the scientific format (0.234+2) - numbers are expressed as the power of ten.

Date and Time

Time minute and seconds delimiter is ":" miliseconds delimiter is "." (hour:minute:second.miliseond).
Dates are in day.month.year format (13.2.1999).


Publicly well-known terms or the terms from our glossary (where confusion might appear) are used.


Every figure (picture, table algorithm) have a unique number in a book. This number is present below the figure in the format: ChapterNr-FigureNr: Short description. For an example: 2-4: The format of ...

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