Automata for Separation of Syntactically Correct from Syntactically Incorrect Structures

Grant of the Grant Agency of the Czech republic Grant no. 201/96/0195


Martin Platek
Department of Theoretical computer science Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University
Petr Jancar
Department of computer science Technical University of Ostrava

Team members:

Short summary (extended summary)

The goal of this project is the design and the analysis of formal and software tools for usage in:
a) the development and classification of systems recognizing the syntactic incorrectness in input texts,
b) comparative study of methods for recognizing and syntactic analysis of programming languages and its complexity,
c) formulation of methods for error recovery during robust syntactic analysis of programming languages and natural languages as well,
d) modeling of mechanisms for image recognition (2-dimensional lists),
e) development of extendable analyzers an extendable software systems.

Results should be used in computer linguistics, full-text databases and techniques of realization of large software projects.

Selected publications

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