Nonprocedural programming 2017/18

Wednesday 10:40 - 13:50 SW1

SWI Prolog   Haskell Wiki

Principles of logic and functional programming
explained through programming languages
Prolog and Haskell

Programming in Prolog     Real Worl Haskell 

  • Obligatory course for the Bachelor of Computer Science program

  • If space permits, others may enroll with consent of the instructor

  • Enrollment in both 15bNPRG005p2 and 15bNPRG005x07 required

  • Classes are organized in four-hour blocks, switching between lectures and tutorials when needed


  • fundamentals of programming,
    corresponding to Programming I and II [NPRG030, NPRG031]        

  • fundamentals of algorithms and data structures,
    corresponding to Algorithms and Data Structures I [NTIN060]
    (needed for solving some problems)

  • foundations of propositional and predicate logic,
    corresponding to Propositional and Predicate Logic [NAIL062]
    (useful but not absolutely necessary)