AutoMathA Brainstorming and Cooperation Days on List Automata, Forgetting Automata, and Restarting Automata will be a mini-workshop organized in the framework of the ESF program AutoMathA: from Mathematics to Applications. The workshop will focus on special formal models of automata with promising applications both in formal language theory and in natural language processing. Researchers working in the area of list automata, forgetting automata, restarting automata, and related fields of automata will discuss topics within this area. The workshop will enable the formation of new bilateral or multilateral co-operations on forgetting and restarting automata and broaden the community of researchers that use them as formal tools.

František Mráz:       

    e.mail: mraz<at>

    phone: +420-2219 14 219


Martin Plátek:         

    e-mail: Martin.Platek<at>

    phone: +420-2219 14 142


Friedrich Otto

    e-mail: otto<at>

    phone:(+49) (0)561 804-6633


School of Computer Science

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Charles University

Malostranské nám. 25

Prague 1

Czech Republic

ABCDays on List Automata, Forgetting Automata, and Restarting Automata

Prague, March 27-29, 2009