Theorietag 2012 Gesellschaft fr Informatik Charles University in Prague

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Extended abstracts of all Theorietag contributions will be published in proceedings available to all participants during the workshop.Your abstract should not exceed 6 pages and it can be either in English or in German.

We suppose the abstracts will be prepared in LaTeX using the document class theotag.cls with an accompanying bibliography style theotag.bst. All the files required for preparing your text are contained within There you can also find a sample text beispiel.pdf with its LaTeX source beispeil.tex prepared with these format files. Moreover, the sample text contains information about useful macros defined within theotag.cls.

Your LaTeX source should have the following form:


\usepackage{ngerman} % remove it if the abstract is in English


Your submission should contain all the source files required for generating your abstract (DVI- or PDF-file) and also a PDF-file containing the generated text. The PDF-file will be used for checking the final form of the contribution generated for the proceedings by the editors.